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Lake Union Hot Tub Boats is the expression of our family’s love of the water, a life centered on Lake Union, and a desire to share it with the world.
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Lake Union is our world. Gray or blue skies, winter or summer temps, there’s nothing better than being out on the lake, seeking out adventure of all kinds. Half of our family lives on boats, the other half lives within a short stroll of Lake Union’s shores, and all of us spend as much time as possible near or in the water. For us, sharing unique lake experiences–with people from across the city, country and world–is a joy.

Spa tradition meets lake adventure.

We launched our family-owned and operated business in 2019. Lake Union Hot Tub Boats was born from our desire to connect people to unique Lake Union experiences–not just during Seattle’s famously sunny summers, but all year long. We are the first and only wood-fired hot tub boat rental business in the United States. And with 12 hot tub boats, our fleet is now the largest in the entire country.

People First.

Since founding the company, we’ve been able to deepen our ties to Seattle’s thriving maritime, houseboat and floating home communities while creating local jobs.

We strived to be the hands-down best place to work on Lake Union, offering higher wages than typical lake recreation pay. Our team receives 100% paid insurance, as well as 401k plans and paid time off, among other benefits (like free hot tub boat trips!).

We take care of our team and it shows in the above-and-beyond service they deliver to every one of our customers.  

True to Seattle.

The experience we provide is a celebration of Seattle’s nature, climate, and spirit of adventure, with ties to centuries-old spa traditions.

Immersion in hot water for relaxation has many global origins, from Japanese onsen to Rome’s baths fed by natural hot springs. Our full-sized hot tub boats are an innovation from the Netherlands, and an extension of Europe’s long heritage of soaking spas.

At the same time, they’re an ideal fit for year-round enjoyment in Seattle, a city known for its love of outdoor exploration, no matter the weather.