You’re on a boat!

Our speed-read cheat sheet for your on-the-lake experience.
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Emergency Info

Emergency: 911

Assistance: 206.566.3516


How to Drive the Boat
Bluetooth Speaker
Make sure the speaker is on (blue light). Push the pairing button. Look on your phone bluetooth's settings for "Soundcore." Connect and enjoy!
Home Channel
Find your way back to the dock by finding the green houseboat with orange buoys at the end of the channel!
Green houseboat with orange buoys
Late Fee
We run a very tight schedule trying to prepare the boat for the next guests. If you bring the boat back later than 15 minutes you’ll be charged a $100 late fee plus an extra $100 for every 15 minutes after that. We do not have the ability to extend your rental time for any reason.
Advanced Tips and Tricks

Get the temp just right

Too hot: close the dampers. You can close them all the way on a hot day. The fire will relight, but may take up to 5-10 minutes to see a flame.

Too cold: open the dampers a little more. Be careful when moving to use the wooden handles and never put your face over the stove when opening.

Captain getting cold

Do a quick check behind you to make sure the coast is clear, then safely do a full 360 in either direction and feel the hot water glide around the edge of the hot tub boat to the back of the boat.

Big wave

Quickly check behind you for safety and then turn the boat away from the wave so that the waves first contact is the rear of the boat. The back is the highest point out of the water and has the ability to take bigger waves.

Lake Union

Explore Lake Union.

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More fun ideas to entertain you.

Find your favorite boat names.

Our picks are Match Maker, Ice Bear, and Banjo. See if you can top them with a clever name for your hot tub boat.

Pick out the aquatic home you'd like to live in.

The dual stern paddlewheel? The ultra modern floating home? Or the cute and cozy charmer?

Can you find the Columbia Tower in the skyline?

Hint: It's tall, dark, and handsome—or hideous depending on which local you ask.

Who can jump in the lake the most times?

Pro tip: The hot tub is even more heavenly after a bold, cold plunge.