All Fired Up.

Hot tub boats from the Netherlands.
Heated by recycled logs and powered by electric motors, our wood-fired hot tub boats are eco-friendly wayfinders. Made in the Netherlands, their deep design and easy navigation are a perfect fit for outdoor adventure in Seattle’s climate, and for celebrating occasions big and small.
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Boat Design & Features

Designed for going all in.

Our boats were made with special care and attention to the depth and spaciousness of the hot tubs. Generous water capacity, with heat from an innovative onboard wood stove, makes all the difference.

Deep, roomy, immersive

Our hot tub boats are a full three feet deep, immersing you in 500 gallons (or 4,170+ pounds) of water. The boats’ low profile design plunges you into Lake Union, its rippled surface at eye level. You’re in the lake, yet enveloped in cozy comfort.

Wood-fired coziness

Fueled by energy efficient logs of recycled wood, which burn cleaner, hotter, and longer than traditional firewood, our onboard stoves keep the water–and you–toasty warm. Adjust the temperature as you explore, complete with campfire ambiance and aroma.

Easy control

The boats are powered by electric motors, making them a breeze to steer. Grab the tiller and glide to your next swimming or sightseeing spot.

Convenient storage

Champagne, anyone? Bring snacks and drinks for stowing in onboard storage. This compartment is not waterproof, so pack accordingly and leave valuables in our secure dock storage. 

Super stability

The boat’s edge is perfect for sitting on–or jumping off from. And there’s a handy ladder for getting back on board once refreshment is complete.

Hot tub boat diagram
Our boats’ journey

From Dutch design to Lake Union perfection.

Lake Union Hot Tub Boats is the only place in the United States where you can experience the genius of Frank de Bruijn’s design. Conceived in 2012, his idea was sparked by a love of bathing and sauna, a connection to European spa culture and tradition, and the desire for a unique outdoor experience offering freedom and relaxation even in urban areas. We’re proud to bring this Dutch innovation to Seattle, for visitors and locals to enjoy.

Boat Safety

Safety is everything.

From day one, we’ve gone above and beyond to create an experience as safe as it is enjoyable. From the design and care of the boats to the gear and protocols in place, we’ve got you covered.

Well equipped

Ultra-stable boats are outfitted for six people with six life jackets.

Fresh and pristine

Boats are cleaned with environmentally friendly products, and filled with pure, fresh water before each trip.

No combustion

An electric engine and clean-burning wood-fired stove keep the air clear.

Be a confident captain.

Learn to drive our boats in minutes. All it takes is a tiller for steering, and a simple on/off switch and forward/reverse knob for stopping and starting. With a maximum speed of three miles per hour and protection from hefty fenders on each side, safety is built in. Prior to your trip, our helpful staff will teach you how to use the boat and answer any questions—then off you go.