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At Lake Union Hot Tub Boats, we invite you to take the plunge–into our cityscape, our lake, and an experience like no other.

Made in the Netherlands, our wood-fired hot tub boats feature an extra deep design in the tradition of European spa culture. So you’re welcome to go all in, all year long. Rain or shine, cannonball or cruise, soak or swim.


Deep in the heart of Seattle.

360-degree views

Take in Seattle from water level to skyline, Gas Works Park to downtown.

All-weather fun

Stay cozy in a full-depth, full-size hot tub you can sink into.

Wood-fired warmth

Adjust on-board hot tub heat, fueled by clean-burning recycled wood.

Easy navigation

Captain your own boat, powered by an electric motor. 

Jump in, venture out

Leap into the lake. Climb the ladder to get back on board. Repeat as desired.

One, two, or three boats

Whether you need a solo boat for date night, or three boats for a birthday party of 18, we're happy to make it happen.

Your 2-hour, all-in adventure for up to 6 people starts at $400.

About the experience

Hot Tub Boats to revel in.

Deep by Design

Why go halfway when you can go all in? Our imported Dutch boats–with deep, spacious hot tubs—sit low in the water, putting Lake Union at eye level. So you’re totally immersed in the lake, yet toasty warm.

Built for comfort and control

As captain, the temperature and exploration are up to you. Our boats feature adjustable wood-fired heat from energy-efficient logs, and electric motors with simple steering.

Made to enjoy fully

Filled with pure, fresh water, our ultra-stable boats double as launchpads. Jump in the lake for a dreamy summer float, spring fling, fall refresher, or wintry invigoration. On-board storage holds your snacks and drinks, so you can replenish.


What our friends and fans say.

Such a cool and unique experience! The view of Seattle was gorgeous and the hot tub boat stayed the perfect temperature…

Liv M.

A MUST DO in Seattle! The staff was great, ready to help us, and laughed at all of our jokes!

Mark L.

One of [the] most amazing experiences to be able to enjoy in [the] middle of November... even in temperatures as low as 30 F.

Kiran M.

It was so much fun! The tub is deep and there’s plenty of room for a large party.


I loved every minute of this experience! The views were spectacular!

Leah C.

…Being in a hot tub in the middle of the lake is surreal, and our timing for both sunset & moonrise was incredible.

Anthony B.

Probably the best experience ever! The hot tub was soo relaxing being a WOOD FIRED hot tub boat… easy to maneuver.

Susan Y.

Without question, one of the highlights of our lives. The sunset, the moon and the city skyline were breathtaking!

Michael C.

Loved our trip… Being able to bring our own beverages, plus hop out of the boat and swim in the brisk lake made the experience even better….

Diandra P.

SO FUN!!! The staff was super friendly, went over how to work everything and made the experience really great.


So unique to Seattle… the water stays perfectly hot the whole time and you can hop out and swim in the lake to cool off!

Perri N.

Our lake love story.

Lake Union Hot Tubs Boats is a family-owned operation, and a tribute to the lake we love.

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